If you live in an area where snakes are known to live, you must know what to do when you come across one.

  • First thing you need to know is the snake is not going to chase you so you need to be able to control any panicky feeling you have.
  • You can stand perfectly still and you will be safe.
  • Or you can just walk away from it.

What to do if bitten by a snake – First Aid will save your life.

  • First make it a priority to get the victim to the hospital.
  • Do not wash the bite.You will wash away the venom left by the snake which can be used for identification.
  • Try to keep the victim calm.
  • Immobilize the bitten body limb (with a splint etc) and try to keep it below the heart.
  • DO NOT
    • wash the bite
    • apply the ‘cut and suck’ techniques
    • add ice, a tourniquet, alcohol or aspirin
    • pour turpentine into the wound
  • Wrap the limb in a pressure bandage to localize the venom.
  • Only bring in the snake for identification if it is easily captured. Do not risk a second bite - because the snake may not have envenomated during the first bite (20 to 40 percent of all snake bites are “dry” bites).
  • Finally, when at the hospital encourage them to call poison control for advice as many medical personnel do not have experience treating snake bites.

If you have any questions regarding anything to do with these animals, don’t hesitate to ring us.

Even if you do not like snakes it is important to not harass or kill them. Snakes in Australia are listed as protected which makes it illegal for them to be killed, trapped, held in captivity, or traded without a permit.

I hope everyone that reads this will take the time to pass it along to others.

Snakes cant speak for themselves. This makes it important for those who do care to stand up and speak for those who cannot ! Be aware but not afraid. A snake does not want to hurt you and only sees you as a big predator.If you see a snake, just watch it ,and it will move away from you.

For snake catchers in your area please ring me and I will put you in touch with your closest controller.